4 weeks of Group Coaching



 502Shed, Group Coaching Program

(program fee $300)



 Online Courses,

prerecorded for you to enjoy

  24/7 365 days a year 

C.S.A (caffeine, sugar, and alcohol) Detox 

10 days of email based coaching and guidance to help you harness your natural ability to self heal and self regulate by changing your habits one action step at a time.  

Each day your inbox will have a new action step to help guide you as you take the Detox Challenge and gently let go of sugar, caffeine and alcohol. 

$25 USD
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Complimentary Wellness Tools

Our gift to you! Enjoy these wellness tools as you continue to live the chiropractic wellness lifestyle! 

Remember to always consult your chiropractor  before beginning a new eating or moving program!

28 Day Reset- a program designed to help you Eat well, Move well, Think well and Live well.
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 Move Well 

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Eat Well 

Click to download Paleo Meal Plans
Click to download our Functional Nutrition Cookbook
Click to download our Functional Wellness Lifestyle Guide

Sleep Well 

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