Your Chiropractic and Functional Wellness Team 

Our team of functional medicine practitioners, integrative health coaches and chiropractors have dedicated their lives to helping people heal well and live well.   

Meet Dr. Kim Carpenter 

Dr. Kim Carpenter, founder of the Awaken to Wellness, Functional Wellness Institute, has spent nearly two decades caring for people as a chiropractor and functional medicine practitioner. She is dedicated to helping people reclaim their life through Functional Wellness care. 

Dr. Kim founded Awaken to Wellness Center in 2005 because she knew there was a better way. She has provided care to the University of Louisville Athletic department, helping athletes compete at the highest level. She is certified in Chiropractic Pediatric care, where she helps children grow well. She is certified in Functional Medicine and she has spoken about the wellness lifestyle throughout the United States. She has helped individuals of all ages understand the pillars of health and wellness. She believes in the bodies ability to heal, and she helps individuals reach their full health potential.  

Dr. Kim is an author, motivational and educational speaker, community leader and dedicated healthcare professional.  

Meet Pam Jones, Health Coach

Pam Jones, Certified Integrative Health Coach, has helped individuals for over a decade. Her courses and programs have helped individuals change their relationship with food, heal from the inside out, and create sustainable lifestyles to live well. Before joining Awaken to Wellness Center, Pam Jones founded Pure Balanced Health, a company dedicated to helping people reach their full health potential through nutrition coaching. She is the founder of the CLEAN28 program that is the cornerstone of our Functional Nutrition Program. She offers one on one and group coaching programs.  She is dedicated to helping people live well through Functional Wellness. 

Meet Jon Freels, Wellness Coordinator 

If you have a question there is a good chance Jon can answer it. Jon helps practice members coordinate scheduling and connect with providers. He is dedicated to helping Awaken to Wellness members achieve their goals by helping meet their needs. 

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