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Are you ready to reclaim your life?

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Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?  

 The traditional model of healthcare is broken. Our culture is sicker than it has ever been. Most people know they need to do something different, but they are stuck in a lifestyle that promotes sickness, sadness and pain. 

There is a better way.

Functional Medicine meets Functional Wellness and together they create a path for people to reclaim their life. The Functional Lifestyle discovers the root of the problem, while helping individuals change the way they eat, exercise and manage their mindset. The Functional Lifestyle is customized to meet your unique ways. 

We don't guess, we test. 

You are unique to every other person on this planet. You deserve a health team that listens to who you are, understands where you have been, and uses time tested tools to help you design where you are going. We use functional lab testing to create health and wellness strategies that are unique to you. 

Accountability equals results.

Our dedicated team, including chiropractors, functional medicine practitioners, and health coaches will guide you every step of the way. There are no short cuts. This twelve month program is designed for success. You will reset, and you will have a plan.  

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Functional Lifestyle Program

Reset your lifestyle and Reclaim Your Life

  • Personalized and Guided Functional Wellness Implementation Program 
  • Wellness appointments with your Health Coach and Licensed Provider 
  • Personalized Supplement Plan
  • Customized Functional Movement Plans
  • Nutrigenomic Based Eating Plan 
  • Personal Growth and Mindset Mastery Coaching 
  • Direct Lab Pricing for Functional Lab work 
  • Access to Private Facebook group with weekly Q and A 
  • Lifetime access to CLEAN28 online Course (value $399)
  • Lifetime access to Functional Mastery online course (value $499)
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Watch to learn more about creating 

Functional Wellness in your lifestyle!



There has never been a better time to choose Wellness.

We believe you were born to be healthy.

We believe you can heal well, and we know you can live well. 

We believe in you.

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What others have experienced: 


I had been on diets my whole life. I had tried one exercise program after another and every time I always failed. This time was different. This time it was customized to match who I am and created for specifically for me. -Jane 

Being committed and having a team to help me, made all the difference. - Chris 

 I felt lost before this program. I had been to provider after provider and had never felt like someone looked at me as a whole person. This place was different. With this program, I was able to decrease my medication, start exercising without getting hurt, and decrease my pain. - Laurie

 I have spent years chasing symptoms . For the first time in a long time I feel like I have control in my life. -Julie

Are you ready to start thriving?


The Functional Wellness Lifestyle is the answer. 


We are ready to help you!


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