Your new beginning starts now. 


In this online course you will learn to


create new habits. 

We know you can create new habits and rewrite your story. We understand that there is a lot of misinformation our there about food and health. We have simplified meal planning, and have created systems that will help you establish new ways of approaching nutrition. 

heal with food.

You are not alone. Every step of the way you will be led by a coach. You health coach has prepared menu and recipes to guide you. Our health coach has prepared weekly course videos that will gently help you change your relationship with food. 

take control of your lifestyle. 

Functional Nutrition is designed to help you heal well. You were born to be healthy and you have everything you need to live well. Functional Nutrition will help you understand nutrition without feeling deprived. The Clean28 Functional Nutrition program will help you eat for fuel and reset your lifestyle. 


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28 Days of Clean Eating

Each week you will go on a virtual wellness journey with an Integrative Health Coach
learn new ways to fuel your life with Functional Nutrition. 
  • Meal Plans to help guide you
  • Recipes to help explore new foods
  • Shopping Lists to simplify your life
  • Action steps to help you succeed

There has never been a better time to choose Wellness.

We believe you were born to be healthy.

We believe that how you eat does fuel your life.

We believe in you.

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What others have experienced: 

Prior to participating in the Clean28 program, I has tried everything. As soon as one program finished I would fall back into my unhealthy habits. This time it was different. I finally understood how to eat for fuel. I finally understood how to eat for health. - Melissa

Living alone, I never felt like cooking. The Clean28 helped me to fall in love with cooking. I learned simple meals that helped me feel better and eat better. -Jessie

For the first time in my life I lost weight without feeling deprived and punished. Because of this I know I can continue to put onto place everything I learned. -Jane 

Before working with Awaken to Wellness and before doing the Clean28, I was on auto pilot. I hurt every day. I ate out of habit and I was going through the motions. I finally know there is a better way. -Chris



Are you ready to stop surviving


start thriving?

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