Dr. Kim Carpenter is a dynamic and passionate speaker that motivates people to Live Well, Think Well, and empowers people to create change with the choices they make.


Change your life by changing the way you live! Dr. Kim Carpenter addresses the way we eat, move, think and live! She offers action steps to Live Well and experience true Health and Wellness!

Dr. Kim has been coaching individuals and speaking to audiences for over 10 years. She has been featured on NPR (National Public Radio), The Courier Journal Newspaper, Today’s Woman Magazine, LEO, Today’s Family Magazine, Business First Newspaper, and many other media outlets. She has spoken across the United States and helped people from multiple countries change the way they live.


Dr. Kim draws on her background in clinical practice as a Wellness Family Chiropractor, Functional Medicine Certified Health Practitioner, and Certified Personal and Business Coach. She has cared for and helped thousands of families improve the way they eat, move, think, and live. She combines her clinical experience and her personal experience, to create her inspiring message and dynamic presentation, personalized for your audience and occasion.



Whether speaking to corporations, education symposiums, schools, universities or non-profits, Dr. Kim’s passion for wellness and her belief in the ability of each person to create change allows her to empower people to love themselves, create the life they desire, and thoughtfully design the world they want to live in. Her passion and enthusiasm to motivate individuals and organizations provides her with a constant source of inspiration that she shares in her books, articles, media interviews and speaking engagements. Through her work and research she has inspired countless people to become Live Well Warriors by helping them change the ways they Eat, Move, Think and Live.



Dr. Kim’s Speaking Topics Include:

Live Well Warrior Basic Training- Empowering individuals to Eat, Move, Think, and Live Well by educating on the basics of a wellness lifestyle.

Live Well Warrior Advanced Training- An interactive event that helps individuals and groups take their basic lifestyle skills to advanced status by teaching Daily Nutrition for Wellness, Daily Movement Habits to increase strength and agility, Mindfulness Training, and Empowerment Thinking.

Thinking Like a Live Well Warrior- Empowering people to understand the “Why’s” behind their choices and the habits needed to reach their personal, financial, lifestyle and professional goals.

Live Well Warrior Family Training-Empowering Families to Live Well in a busy world. This event covers simple ways to eat well, plan well, move well, think well, and participate in saving our environment all while working, attending practices and school events. This workshop teaches families to Live Well in a fast paced world! This workshop is perfect for PTA groups, preschools/schools/homeschools, nonprofits, in school parent events, and sports programs that want to help their families Live Well!

Live Well Warrior Teens-Designed to Empower teens to become Think Well Warriors, Eat Well Warriors, and Move Well Warriors. Helping teens to gain the confidence and healthy habits needed to create a successful life on their terms!


Live Well Warrior Companies- This workshop empowers Corporate America to create work environments that promote health in mind, body and environment. Designed to empower people to work well while Living Well!


Live Well Warrior Practitioner Training- Designed to educate Chiropractors, Medical Practitioners, Acupuncturists, Naturopaths, Massage Therapists, Personal Trainers and other health practitioners on the systems and procedures needed to attract, connect, and empower the people they care for to Live Well!


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