Expect Compassion

Our goal is to find the cause behind health problems that are keeping you from experiencing life at its fullest.


What to expect on your first Chiropractic Assessment visit:

  1. Expect to be treated as the amazing person you are.
  2. Bring with you a driver’s license, health insurance card and the new patient paperwork completed.  
  3. A one-on-one consultation with Dr. Kim will include; a neurological and spinal assessment, along with range of motion testing and a discussion of your health issues and goals.
  4. When necessary, we will take specific chiropractic postural x-rays to evaluate the spine. If you have previous x-rays you are welcome to bring them, as we support a conservative approach to taking new ones.
  5. Nervous system scan will be done measuring nerve to muscle communication by utilizing Surface EMG technology and nerve to organ communication by utilizing Thermal Technology.

What to expect on your second visit:

  1. Dr. Kim will go over your examination findings with you, which is referred to as a Report of Findings. This will include reviewing your health and healing with you more in detail, give you a full diagnosis and discuss a recommended care plan for you.
  2. If you choose to begin care, you are welcome to be adjusted that day and begin your road to regaining or improving your health!