Is Chiropractic Care for Life?

Why You Don’t Have to See a Chiropractor for Life


I know you have heard the old saying “Once you go to a chiropractor…”

Well, let me set that straight for you right now!

You do not HAVE to go to a chiropractor for life.  

Notice the words in bold!!! You don’t HAVE to do anything!

Everything in our life revolves around decisions and then making choices which inevitably all have consequences.Some choices lead to very positive consequences.

Here is an example. You don’t have to go to work, but choosing to go to work will earn income which will then allow you to eat and provide outcomes. Choosing not to go to work may lead to lost wages, or a reprimand.  A worst case scenario could be the loss of a job. 

I know you have heard the term Use it or lose it.”

It’s a saying that has been around for a long time for a great reason!


Another truth is that HEALTH is the NUMBER ONE category for resolutions and goal setting. 

HEALTH is NOT a destination; it is a journey AND a lifestyle.


Goal:  Get in shape by beginning an intense workout program toning and strengthening muscle in 3 to 6 months. 

Six months later, you’ve hit the goal!  You are tight and toned!

What now? Do you stop working out?  Do you give up the weights and the routine of exercise?  Do you continue to use the goal or lose the goal?

 Goal:  Eat well and shed weight!  Lose a determined amount of pounds.

Three months later, you’ve hit the goal! What now?  Do you continue to eat well with discipline, or revert to old habits that include junk or fast food?Do you continue to use the goal or lose the goal?

 Why routinely maintain health of any kind?

Dentistry allows the gums to remain healthy allowing strong dental health.  This is the foundation for oral hygiene.  You don’t have to maintain regular and preventative care with your dentist…but you should! Use the routine care of a dentist or lose oral health.

Chiropractic care allows the body to heal from within by aligning the spine.  In addition chiropractic adjustments allow the nervous system to work properly. Chiropractic care is a FOUNDATION for HEALTH.  The foundation for Eating Well, Moving Well, Thinking Well and Living Well is maintaining a healthy nervous system.  This is the goal of preventative medicine through chiropractic care. 

Did you know that over 90% of your nervous system does NOT register pain?  So when a chiropractor is told someone feels good, that’s nice news but it does not mean the nervous system is functioning properly. 

What is your goal for starting chiropractic care?  To rid yourself of pain and support a healthier functioning body?

Three months later, you hit that goal? What now? Beginning Chiropractic Care can demand a period of healing that will lead to a preventative and routine care schedule.   

That’s the good news!  I get to continue chiropractic care in order to maintain health.

You don’t have to maintain a strong and healthy nervous system through preventative and routine care, but you should! 

USE Chiropractic care or LOSE a healthy nervous system and spine.

Choose alignment for an AMAZING life!

When it comes to health, there are very few that benefit from ‘luck’. The majority of the people you see in their 80’s and 90’s who are enjoying life made quality CHOICES earlier in life and they are now reaping the benefits.