Water That Tastes Like Summer

We've all been told to DRINK MORE WATER! Let's be honest, sometimes it's just not that fun! Here is a way to get the water you need with a little boost of natural fun!

Take a large container and add your favorite sliced fruits. Fill the container with water and steep overnight.  Enjoy your infused water the very next morning. Use only fresh & organic fruit. Mix and match your favorites to find your personal combo. Raspberries, strawberries, fresh mint leaves, lemon, lime & more!


 Lemon, Mint & Cucumber Infused Water

·        Water, in one gallon or less container

·        One fresh lemon cut to thin slices

·        Handful of fresh Mint Leaves

·        One half Cucumber cut to thin slices


**This recipe is a natural support in detox! It makes a perfect match for anyone rockin’ a cleanse!