Why Cleanse??

             Why Should you Cleanse??

             Why Should you Cleanse??

In late February/early March the season is beginning to change with more lightness and humid, warmer weather.  Our bodies naturally want to detox from the heavier, oily foods we crave and eat during the fall/winter season to keep our bodies insulated and warm.  For most Americans who consume the Standard American Diet (SAD), energy and vitality is not going to be at its best.  The SAD diet with all the excess sugar, red meat, caffeine, fast foods, processed foods and soft drink consumption can leave us with a weakened immune and digestive system.  The colon, body cells and organs can become overburdened with toxins and energy destroying waste product that cannot be eliminated without some type of assistance. 

The easy way to stay energized and healthy would be to consistently eat healthy, whole foods such as greens, vegetables, whole grains, and quality proteins and drink lots of fresh water.  That is much easier said than done in the society we live in today.

Without properly cleansing these toxins that have settled in your body during the winter, you could be in for a low energy and very sickly spring and summer.  Doing a proper cleanse program such as my Spring Cleanse, you will provide your body with quality fiber, nutrients, proteins and liquids that will help give you the energy you need to get your mind and body ready for all of the responsibilities and stresses of the spring and summer season.

Check out the dates/times and details of my Spring Cleanse here,  https://www.atwcenter.com/workshops/2018/3/6/spring-cleanse-detox