Health Coaching


What is a health coach?


A Health Coach is a guide and mentor who empowers you and provides ongoing support and guidance as you set goals and make sustainable changes to improve your health and happiness.

Our coaches believe in individuality! There is no one size fits all approach to your health. Our coaches look at all aspects of your life to help you develop a personalized pathway to health that fits your mind, body and spirit.


Our Program

One on One Coaching Sessions: In-person or virtual.

Our health coaching program can be included in your Functional Wellness Program or it can be obtained separately. Health Coaching is for individuals who are ready to create their personalized pathway to health and are willing to bring about sustainable changes in their lives.

Nutritional Boot Camp, Online

28 Day Program including 4 modules/classes conveniently delivered through email.

·         Boot Camp & Recipe Guide including menu plans for each week, weekly check in/journaling pages

·         Handouts for each class

·         Learn to incorporate clean and healthy eating habits

·         Make meal planning easier and more efficient

·         Develop a new relationship with food and overall balance to your life

·         Lose weight, especially belly fat, inflammation and bloating

·         Unlimited email support with a health coach

·         Create lasting lifestyle changes to support the spine and nervous system

Seasonal Cleanse & Detox, In Person

Spring and Fall are the optimal times of the year to detoxify and cleanse your body as you prepare for the change in seasons.  Our cleanse program lasts 28 days and although it is very gentle, it is extremely effective. Each week you will learn new foods, set weekly goals, share your experience and learn from others in the community.